Paint Work Enhancement

  • Duration varies 1-1.5 days
  • This service involves a single stage machine polishing using a fine finishing and soft polishing pad to restore a deep level of gloss to the paintwork and in the same time removing of light paint swirls.
  • Typically this service will remove 30%-50% of the defects and will present your vehicle in a far better light with increased clarity and sharp reflections

Minor Paint Correction

  • Duration varies 2-4 days
  • This service involves a two-stage machine polish using a medium abrasive cutting and cutting pad to remove medium depth defects such as paint swirls, light oxidation and very fine scratches this stage is then followed with a refining stage to restore the paintwork back to a deep gloss finish. 
  • The service will provide a major overhaul for the older vehicle and can achieve close to perfection for the newer vehicle. Typically 70%-80% of paint correction is met with this service

Major Paint Correction

  • Duration varies 3-5 days
  • This service involves 3-4 stage machine polish which can involve a heavy cutting stage, medium cutting stage, fine finishing stage and ultra fine finishing stage. 
  • The wet and dry sand paper is often used to aid in the process.
  •  In terms of percentage in this case time is the limit, the more time i have with the polisher the higher percentage of defects i am able to remove. 
  • Heavy swirl removal plus maximum gloss.

Full Process


  • Wheels fully decontaminated including brake calipers to remove iron fallout and tar deposits.
  • Arches cleaned, tyre walls cleaned and exhaust tips cleaned.
  • Door shuts and sills pre-rinsed and cleaned using a soft detailing brush and APC.
  • Bodywork extensively washed using snow foam, the two-bucket method, prep shampoo and a Gtechniq wash mitt.
  • A soft detailing brush and APC is used to clean grilles, badges, filler cap area and window sills etc.
  • Two stage decontamination process to remove iron fallout/ferrous contaminants and tar deposits.
  • Snow foam wash to ensure decontamination chemical remnants are fully removed.
  • Paintwork, windows and lights are clay barred to remove all final surface contamination.
  • Vehicle dried using soft microfibre drying towels.
  • Gaps and crevices blown dry to remove trapped water and to eliminate drips.
  • Plastic trim and any delicate areas are masked using 3M tape to avoid polish stains.
  • Full set of paint depth readings are taken to form a brief history of the car.
  • Polish and pad testing to figure out the most effective combination for your paint type.
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 stage machine polish conducted over the entire vehicle until the desired finish is achieved.
  • Isolated wet sanding work can be carried out over any particular areas to remove/diminish deeper scratches/scuffs/marks.
  • Paintwork wiped down with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to remove polish oils and residue, in order to form the ideal surface for wax or ceramic coating adhesion.
  • Please visit the Gtechniq ceramic coatings page for further information about the Gtechniq ceramic coatings and additional cost.
  • Swissvax Shield is a luxury carnauba wax enriched with none stick PTFE in order to create an ingenious protection shield for your paintwork. Thanks to the proverbial “teflon-pan-effect” dirt and insects barely can’t adhere at all to the as smooth as glass paintwork surface, keeping the daily driver protected for up to 6 months.