Ceramic Coating-from £200

  • This coating is a semi-permanent that protects and enhances your vehicles paintwork, bringing colours back to life with a a high gloss finish. 
  • The minimum prep work involved with the ceramic coating is the Paintwork Enhancement Detail. 
  • 2 years protection 
  • 9h hardness Outstanding scratch resistance High gloss finish Excellent UV and chemical resistance

Paint Work

  • The ceramic coating for paint work it is a chemical polymer solution that enhance the gloss of paint and  provides protection for harmful UV rays 
  • protection from chemical staines
  • High Hydrophobicity 
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Protection from all types and scratches and swirl marks 
  • Water spotting protection
  • Stop the need often car wash 


  • The ceramic coating for glass it a chemical which forms a semipermanent bond with the glass that provides very high water repellency
  • Saves wiper blades from ware and tear 
  • Prevents the dust to settle on surface 
  • maximum visibility   
  • help wipers in shedding the water in case of rain 
  • ease of cleaning


  • a perfect coating for anyone who wants to have fewer headaches when cleaning wheels, keeping them protected for a longer amount of time 
  • this will provide mud repellency 
  • protection from brake dust particles, tar and  glue
  • high level of gloss or matte finish for those who want 


  • UV protection
  • Helps prevent fading for years to come
  • Hydrophobic
  • Makes surface easier to maintain 
  • Deepens colour 
  • Enhances the finish of plastics
  • Bring back the colour of plastics